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Making A Weak Hair Look Strong


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Having a weak hair can give a dull look and it is not possible to achieve various types of hairstyles with this. You can use any one of the methods while treating the weak hair without consulting a hair specialist. Here is one of the methods that can helpful in treating your weak hair without causing any further damage to it. To get his hair treatment done, you must have apple juice, seaweed powder and a spray bottle.
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After making all the hair treating items ready, first you must take apple juice in the pan and try to heat it slightly for about five minutes. After taking the apple juice from heat try to add a little amount of seaweed powder and mix it gently. Make the mixture to cool down and pour it in a bottle which must be used as a spray. Now try to mist the entire hair with the mixture and make sure it covers the complete area on the hair. Leave it on for at least twenty minutes to achieve good result and then use cold water for washing the hair. The apple juice is expected to clean the hair completely by removing the excess oil from your scalp and the seaweed powder is known to make the hair strong by keeping the moisture in it. Get this treatment done on your hair for few weeks at least once in two weeks to get the perfect result.

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