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Curling Hair After Keratin Treatment


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Once your hair gets treated with Keratin it will start to look fully straight. In case you want to create the curls in a Keratin treated hair you must stay patience during this styling process as it may take some time to achieve back the curls in your hair. The keratin hair treatment is used by most of the people all over the world as it is known to contain items that can be harmful to health. If you have already undergone this treatment, use this technique to make the hair look curly.
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After the keratin hair treatment try to wash the hair on regular basis which is normally not done after the process, but to get the curls back you must do this. Washing the hair will get rid of chemicals that were used during the keratin treatment which can helpful in making the hair look curly. Apply a hair shampoo that is specially made to be used after the keratin hair treatment and make sure that the shampoo doesn’t feature sodium chloride that is normally found in the clarifying shampoos. Also use the right hair conditioning product after washing the hair with the right shampoo. The keratin treatment usually stays on the hair for about 2-5 months depending upon the texture of your hair. Even though this process is considered to be very long, it is the only way to get the curls back in your hair after getting the keratin treatment.

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