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Using Walnut Shells For Coloring Hair


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There are different items that can be used to prepare the hair color at home which can be the safest way for coloring the hair. In the same way walnut shells have been known to be used to prepare the hair coloring product which can be used on any type of hair. You can consult a hairstylist before preparing this hair coloring product at home.
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To prepare hair color using walnut shells, take eight cups boiled water and make it cool on its own. Then add one dried sage, one dried nettle, one dried rosemary and two black walnut shells in the water. Now add tea bags i the same water and make it steep for around 3 hours. Next take out the liquid from the mixture and include 2 tbsp of jojoba oil. Now the hair color is ready to use which can be kept in a refrigerator for at least three days. If you want to apply the color over the hair first wash the hair and wear hand gloves. Try to shake the color bottle before applying it over the hair. You can directly use it over the hair and gently massage it over the scalp. Another option of using this hair color is mixing it along with baby shampoo and washing the hair on daily basis. You can also use the same mixture for covering the gray hair. While using it with the baby powder the results can be seen in about two weeks.

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