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Trim Thin Bangs With Thick Hair


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For those who want to achieve thin bangs with a thick hair, they must follow an important process. It can be a difficult process if you are doing it for the first time, so use the following method to get it done in a proper way. You must give full attention to the styling process especially while trimming the bangs in from of your head. Once your hair is cut in this way there are no chances that it can be brought back till the hair grows back.
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To trim your bangs, first mist the entire hair with normal water and maintain the bangs slightly damp during the trimming process. Take the section of hair in from of the head and secure the remaining hair section at the back of the head. Brush your hair across the forehead and start trimming them using the edge of scissors which must be pointed about vertically into your hair and don’t keep it across horizontally. Try to cut only small parts of hair vertically and you can trim them very short at the middle of the forehead before tapering them longer at the ears to avoid blunt cutting. Next layer the bangs by taking them in between your middle as well as index finger by pulling it straight up. Leave few hair loose to make them fall naturally over the forehead and use the same technique to layer the bangs and make them look thin.

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