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Steps To Part Afro Hair


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Styling an Afro hair can be a very difficult process and especially if you are trying to part them. You must get some practice before creating a parted hairstyle with an Afro hair to make sure that it looks perfect. You can try to part the hair depending upon the occasion that it will be worn for. Make sure that you don’t create the part on the same area more than once as it can break the hair very easily. You can use the standard rattail comb to part the Afro hair in a perfect manner and avoid using other combs.
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The first thing to do while parting the Afro hair is brushing it with a proper comb. Always use rattail combs to create a part in the Afro hair as it will have long handle with small tooth. In case the hair looks tangled try to apply a little amount of oil and try to make it smooth. Then make the part gently by running the end of your rattail comb where the part will be created. While parting the hair, try to use the finger for dividing your hair and pull them on both side of your part. Just use the comb to run along your hair part by separating individual strands to make the part look straight. You can also create unique parts with the Afro hair such as curve and zigzag depending upon the length of your hair.

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