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Creating French Braid With Scunci Braid


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Scunci braid is a hair piece which is normally used to create the French braid look without getting disturbed by the natural hair. This hair piece can keep the hair in place during the French braiding process and the braiding technique is also made very easy with the help of this hair piece.
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First keep the entire hair separate on top of the head and use Scunci braid just below your hair part. Now take 1/3 hair part in the first slot of Scunci braid and make two hair sections with the left out hair. Use third and fourth slot to keep the separated hair section. Take hair from your fourth slot to second slot making the fourth sloth free and take hair from third slot to use it in the fourth slot making the third slot empty. Now take hair from first slot to keep it in the third slot making the first slot empty. Then take hair from second slot and add it into the first slot. Next pull out new hair strand from left side for adding it into the first slot and take a small hair strand from right side for adding it into the fourth slot. Continue this procedure to create the French braid and finally take the Scunci braid out and there will be three hair sections left out. Create normal braid with the remaining hair section without touching the braid on top of your head.

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