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Treating Tangled Hair Knots


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Dealing with tangled hair knots can be difficult for many who have medium to long hair. The knots in the hair normally occur if you fail to care the hair in a proper manner. There are few styling products that can be applied on the hair to fight tangled hair knots. The best way to prevent the hair from getting knots is to create a simple braid. The braid can maintain the hair without getting tangled for a long time.
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First mist the entire hair with detangling hairspray which can add the moisture in your hair. Try to apply the spray over the hair at the end and avoid using your fingers during this time as it can spoil your entire hair. You can mist the hair at least twice to control the tangled knots in the hair. Use a comb to remove the hair knots. Take one of the hair strands and brush it to remove the knot and avoid pulling the hair tightly as it can take the hair out of your scalp permanently. Use this method to take the knots out of the hair in sections. At last brush the entire hair to see if it is still knotted and use the same process if they stay in the same manner. Combing your hair gently after using the hairspray is very important and make sure to do this only when your are completely free as you may damage the hair in a hurry.

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