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Lightening Your Hair With Chamomile


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There are different types of hairstyling products available in the market to make the hair color ligt. But all these products can cause at least little damage to the hair, chamomile can be used to lighten the hair color without causing even a slight damage in the hair. Use any of these following treatment to make the hair look lighten than they are without treating them with other chemical products.
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To use the chamomile on your hair, mix 4 chamomile tea bags with boiled water leave it for twenty minutes. Then add plain yogurt in this mixture and use it over the hair strands when they are still damp. The yogurt can help to make your hair moisturized and maintaining it soft for a long time. Use hair clips for keeping the hair strands in place for about half an hour. Try to apply this mixture on the small sections of your hair before using them on the entire hair section. If you are using this method on the blonde hair, the hair can be lightened at least half of its original color. You can also use the chamomile along with other lightening products such as lemons and coconut oil. Mix the chamomile tea along with coconut oil as well as lemon juice and take them in a spray bottle. Try to mist the hair with this hairspray and mainly concentrate on the strands of your hair that need to be lightened.

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