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Hairstyle With Roll Up Bangs


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Roll up bangs can be the perfect choice of hairstyle for most of the women who want to look completely different. You can create this style with the help of a standard curling iron, but make sure that the bangs are long enough to be used in the tool. It is always better to go to a stylist to get this type of hairstyle done than trying it out at home. Lot of patience is required while using the curling iron on your hair without causing any sort of damage.
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First take about 1 inch curling iron and brush the hair in front of the head. Then take one of the sections of hair that will be rolled up. Try to roll the hair in your curling iron very gently and start from one side of your head by moving towards the other. Use this simple technique on the other hair sections as well in the same way. After rolling the hair with the curling iron leave them for few seconds to get settled. Once the curling iron is taken out of your hair, try to mist them with a spray. Now you can use the fingers to style the hair and avoid using any type of hair brush during this process as it can make the hair straight. You can use a normal bandanna for using it over the head which can give the roll up bangs a completely beautiful look.

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