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Treating Hair Root With Tree Oil


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Using oil for treating the hair root is a very old treatment that is very effective on a damaged hair. The oil features anti-bacterial items that can be a perfect solution for treating your hair in any condition. Tree oil is considered to be strong which can be used in a small amount. You can follow this method without getting any suggestions from a hair specialist.
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To use the oil over the hair roots, first take tree oil for applying it over your hair directly without any mixture. This can help to keep the hair moisturized for a long time and it can also make it strong. To get the complete treatment with the tree oil you must use the oil to massage it over your hair roots and move to the hair cuticles. Add little amount of oil over the hair ends which are split or if you find any breakage. In case the hair looks completely damaged, try to use the tree oil along with the deep conditioner on daily basis. You can also try to prepare a homemade deep conditioner for using it along with the oil. The same treatment can be used when the hair looks dry or when the scalp becomes dry. Massage the oil into the scalp for few minutes before washing the hair with a shampoo. The tree oil can also release the hair follicles that are blocked which can make the hair look moisturized.

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