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Making Hair Straight With Wrapping Method


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Hair can be made to look straight by following various styling methods. But you can also make your hair straight while sleeping in the night. A new way known as the wrapping method can be used to achieve this hairstyle. Before starting the styling try to make the hair as smooth as possible because an unruly hair will be difficult to wrap in the rollers.
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To do this, you must brush the hair when it is slightly damp to make it smooth and divide a small half inch section of hair over the crow of the head. Make sure that the length of your hair is less than the roller size. Start wrapping your hair into the roller and keep it in place using hair pins. Then make a right side part on your head which must go till the middle at the back on your head. Now take the left out hair which is below the hair section and try to roll it at the back of your head. You must continue the rolling process on the hair section and make sure to maintain it just below the roller. Take another section of hair from left side of the head and use this technique once again. After using securing the rollers over the hair try to cover the entire hair section with a scarf before going to bed. Avoid using bobby pins for securing the hair in the roller as it can spoil the look.

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