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Steps To Color Only Half Hair


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Coloring your hair half can give a completely unique look and you can wear this hairstyle with any type of hair. You must use a hair color that can increase the look of your hairstyle. A contrasting hair color can be the best choice to achieve this look in a perfect way.
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Before coloring your half hair, try to select the hair section that will be colored. Make different parts over your head and make sure that hair looks straight. Then hold the remaining hair section which is not used for coloring separately using hair clips. Make the loose hair to hang down and start mixing the hair color along with the developer by following the instructions. Wear hand gloves before coloring the hair and separate the hair as sections for using the color perfectly. Use the hair color over the roots and move to the end of your hair slowly. Try to color each hair section that is loose and leave the color on as per the time mentioned on the coloring kit. Once the color becomes dry, try to rinse the hair and take the hair clips that were used to secure the other section of your hair. Use a deep hair conditioner once the hair gets dry and leave it on the hair for at least 2 minutes before rinsing your entire hair once again. Now dry your hair using a towel and wear it as per your wish.

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