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Steps To Cut Hair Near Your Neck


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The hair at the back of your head near the neck will start to grow unruly. You must cut the hair which grows in such a way at least once in two weeks. Try to use clippers to do this process which is considered to be the best way o treat the neck hair. There is also another option to cut the neck hair that is using a razor, but it can be difficult for some if them.
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First sit in a chair and place a mirror in the front. Try to find any help while doing this process if you want to make it perfect. Then comb the hair as per your wish and brush the hair at the nape in a proper manner. There is no need to use the guard along with the clippers that you are going to use, because using the guard can prevent from cutting the hair too close. Start using the clippers only when the hair becomes completely dry and keep the hair clippers as close as possible to the neck to remove the unruly hair. Begin the process from one side of the head by keeping the clipper blade towards upward. Gently run the clippers against your hair growth from one side to other side of the head and make sure to move the clippers very slowly which is very important. Once you have cut the hair in a perfect manner try to get your entire hair washed.

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