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Two Braids In Front Of Your Head


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Creating two braids in front of the head can give a very sophisticated hairstyle that can be worn by anyone. You can get this style at home with the help of a long hair and without using any special tools or techniques. Here are few things that can help while creating this hairstyle at home. You can just use the French braid method to create the braid on both the side of your head or you can also create a normal braid.
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To create two front braids, first create a simple part in the middle of the head and create three different sections on both the sides of your part. Try to create French braid with the three hair parts and leave few small pieces of hair in front of the head to over your ear. Use the same method on the other side of the hair part to create the French braid. Next take both the braids from front of the head at the crown and secure it using hair pins. In case you are unable to secure the hair in a proper way take the entire braided hair at the back of the head for securing it in place. Another option for securing the braid is at the side of the head which is mostly followed by most of the people. Use hair accessories that can make this hairstyle look more amazing and you can also match it with a perfect dress.

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