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Hairstyle With Elsa Braid


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Elsa braid is one of the most popular hairstyle among many all over the world and it was first spotted in the movie Frozen. This style can be worn by kids or grownups if they have a lengthy hair. Here is a simple technique to create the beautiful looking Elsa braid. Use elastic tie to secure the braid in place along with bobby pins and avoid using other hair securing tools.
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First add curls in your hair with the help of hot rollers. Mist your hair before using the rollers into your hair to prevent any damage. Then mist the hair roots with a normal dry shampoo and then massage it over the scalp with your fingers. This will help to add more volume in the hair which is very important to create this hairstyle. Next tease your hair part by part using a teasing hair brush from top to bottom. Now sweep the hair near your crown and keep it in place using elastic. Try to braid your hair like a French braid by crossing your hair layer over another. After creating the braid use a spray all over the head to keep the hair strands from coming out of your braid. To create fullness in the Elsa braid, try to braid the hair from base of your neck by pulling it apart in sections. You can tuck the hair very gently if they become loose on top of the head.

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