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Making Hair Straight With Two Natural Oils


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There are few natural ways that can be followed while making the hair look straight and one such product is natural oil. You can use different types of oils to make the hair straight depending upon your preference. Even though the natural oil produced by the scalp can keep the hair shiny, you must also use few oil products to maintain in this manner for a long time.
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One of the best oil to make the hair straight is using a mineral oil that can be found in many hair care products. This oil is known to be very much effective when applied on the hair and you can also brush the hair to make it smooth. There are also lot of emollient features in the mineral oil that can avoid breakage in the hair. Another option is using olive oil which is usually made of olives and it is available in a grocery shop. This oil is normally used for cooking, but it is also very much effective in straightening the hair. The olive oil can be applied over the hair just like a hair conditioner after heating it. Make the hot oil to become cool for at least half an hour by covering it with a cap. Then wash the hair as you would do using a shampoo. The oil is also good in maintaining the moisture in your hair as it is available with lot of vitamins as well as minerals.

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