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Using Ash Color For Treating Red Hair


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Most of them like to make their hair look completely different, so they try to use hair color that can make their hair look bright as well as beautiful. Some of them use red color on the hair so it can give them a completely new look and while doing so the hair make start to look extra bright. In case you want to reduce the red color in the hair it can be done with the help of ash.
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First select semi-permanent ash color and make sure it matches the tone of your original hair color. The ash color can be dark or lighter than the natural hair color. Try to mix the color ingredients by following the instructions by the manufacturer of the hair coloring product. Then use the mixed hair color on the hair and use it over the hair roots as well. After covering the entire hair strands, take the entire hair on top of the head. Secure it as usual using a hair clip and leave it on for the time mentioned over the hair coloring product. Next rinse your hair normally using cold water and use a hair conditioner that is suitable for a color treated hair. Let the hair conditioner to stay on your hair for 3 minutes and rinse the hair once again with same water. Now look at the entire hair it will not look as bright as it was in the beginning of the styling process.

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