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Comb Back Short Hair


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Combing a hair back can give a very simple look for most of them and this hairstyle is normally worn by men when compared to women. This hairstyle needs to be created only when the hair is at least slight long. Make sure that your hair is completely straight before starting the styling process and if you have a curly hair use a hair straightener to make it as straight as possible. If you have a short hair it can be achieved by following these simple methods.
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First make the hair damp using water and brush it from top to end of the hair. You can also create parts in your hair depending upon your styling preference. Then take a hair pomade in your hand and spread it all over the hair strands. Try to make the pomade to heat slightly which will be made very easy for applying it over the hair. You can use both your hands for spreading the pomade into the hair. Next you can slick the hair on top of the head using your fingers and brush the hair as you did earlier in the same direction. At last use a normal hairspray to mist the hair which can maintain the shape of your hairstyle in the same manner during the day. In case you want to style the hair again in the same day, just comb it as usual by applying little water into the hair.

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