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Hairstyle With Cheer Curls


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Creating cheer curls in your hair can give a unique look and this hairstyle is normally worn by cheerleaders. In this hairstyle the hair will look like a spring and the hair will also stay away from the shoulders. This style can be created with any type of hair and it can be short or long. Begin your styling process with a day old hair and washing it during the styling day will make it slightly difficult to create the curls.
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To create cheer curls, you must start the styling process at least two days before the event you are planning to wear this hairstyle. First create a ponytail with your hair when it is still wet near the crown over the head and secure it using an elastic band. Then take a thin hair strand from end of your ponytail and use the roll curler from bottom of the hair. Mist the hair section during the styling process and secure the roller in place after reaching the elastic band. Use this method on the remaining hair parts and mist the entire hair once again after rolling it with the curler. Leave the roll curler in the hair for two days and take it out at the day of the event. You can remove the hair rollers from bottom of the hair and try to smoothen it using your fingers. Try to use bobby pins to secure the curls that look out of shape.

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