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Steps To Wash Out Silicone From Hair


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There are few hair products that contain silicon which is used for styling your hair as it is known to be the best way to condition your hair. Most of the time silicon in hairstyling products will stay in your hair that can cause buildup in your hair. Here are few things to do to get rid of silicon from the hair. You can do this by simply washing the hair with the help of clarifying shampoo or moisturizing shampoo.

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First comb the hair with the help of your fingers and dampen the hair with water. Then wash the hair using clarifying shampoo which is capable of removing the hair products that are stuck in your hair. In case the buildup is still found in your hair, apply the shampoo again for washing the hair twice. Make sure to use a hair conditioner before using the clarifying shampoo to prevent the hair from getting dry. You can also use a moisturizing shampoo for washing your hair if you want to avoid the clarifying shampoo as it is expected to strip hair shaft leading to hair damage. Now divide the hair into parts and apply moisturizing conditioner before covering your entire hair with plastic cap. Use a hooded dryer on the hair for fifteen minutes before taking the plastic cap out of your head. At last use a moisturizing leave-in hair conditioner all over and brush it as per your wish before styling the hair.

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