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Removing Dark Burgundy Color From Hair


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Applying burgundy color on the hair can give a very bright look. While applying this color on the hair if you feel it looks too dark, then you must follow few simple steps to remove the color out of the hair. It is important that you make the changes within 72 hours or the color will set in your hair permanently after this time. Go to a saloon if you are not satisfied with this home treatment.
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Begin the styling after washing the hair immediately once you complete the coloring process. Apply clarifying shampoo on the hair while washing it and then use color removing hair products of your choice. Do a simple test by using the coloring product on a hair strand before using it all over. Try to follow the instructions mentioned over the color removing kit using your hands after wearing gloves. Next you can change the hair color to brown if required and try doing this with the help of box colors that can give a very light look. Now the hair will look slightly reddish and brown color will easily get along with your new color. You can go to a hair specialist in case the hair still looks bright. Another option to remove the dark burgundy color is making the hair to grow long and then cut the ends of your hair. The red hair will easily fade away very fast and the dark hair color will become lighter slowly.

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