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Styling Your Hair With Philips Styler


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Philips styler is available with 6 attachments which is a perfect choice to style the hair different ways. The attachments include small curling tong, straightener, large curling tong, spiral tong and wave tong. This tool can be purchased by those who want to keep one product will all the hairstyling needs. Here are few styling options that can be done with all the attachments provided along with the Philips styler.
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The Philips styler can be sued to crimp the hair with the help of crimper plates and try to use them on one inch hair strands to make it look perfect. To achieve large curls, try using large curling tong on the hair by wrapping it around and leaving it on for ten seconds. You can use spiral tong to create tight ringlets by wrapping the hair around it. Another style that can be created with the Philips styler is a sleek look with smooth strands. To get this look, you must use metallic straightening plates on the hair and leave it for just five minutes. For creating waves in the hair with this tool, use wave tong that can give coiling curls all over the head. The small curling tong is the perfect choice to get tighter curls, but it will not be as tighter as it actually looks. Leave the curling tong in the hair for just ten seconds to achieve the curly look and style it using your fingers.

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