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Treating Hair Fall With Cocoa Butter


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Cocoa butter is a natural product that is known to provide lot of benefits to your hair. It is normally available in creams and other styling products that are used on the hair. You can also prepare your own cocoa butter for using it over the hair if you are facing hair loss problem. Many people try to consult a hair specialist to treat hair fall, but they can just use cocoa butter moisturizer to achieve the same result. It is also the best solution for treating hair fall naturally.
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First take cocoa butter in a bowl and add coconut oil into it. Then make them heat for about 2 minutes by placing it in the microwave Next add polysorbate 20 in the bowl as it can easily get mixed with theĀ  oil ingredients. Now try to stir it before mixing silk amino powder to end the process. The hair moisturizer will be ready to use on the scalp as well as hair follicles. To use it on hair, take them in your fingers and apply it over the scalp just like massaging. Let it stay on the hair for one hour and cover it using a shower cap during this time. If possible you can also leave it on your hair overnight. Then rinse it using slightly warm water before washing the entire hair normally with a shampoo. This process can help the hair to grow strong and prevent hair fall.

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