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Using Relaxer On Hair First Time


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Using the hair relaxer on your hair for first time can be a difficult process that must be done only by going to a hairstylist. In this process, the relaxer will be used over the middle hair section first and then it will be applied over the hair roots before moving to the end of your hair. By doing this way the heat produced by the relaxer will be distributed equally all over the hair which can prevent burning.
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Those who have a very thick and wavy hair must give additional care while using the relaxer for the first time on their hair. You must select the best and suitable relaxer to be used on the type of hair you have. First divide a section of hair in the middle of your head and apply the hair relaxer on this part. Then slowly move to the hair roots and at the end of your hair. Make sure that there are no bumps left on the hair while doing this process. You must stay patience while using this styling process on your hair as it will consume more time while doing it for the first time. After the hair relaxing process, try to brush the hair very gently using a normal comb. If you think it is very difficult to use this styling method on your hair, just consult a hairstylist and never do this before having a word with the hair specialist.

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