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Methods To Take Manic Panic Color From Hair


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Manic panic hair color is available in different options including new rose, plum passion and vampire red. It is a semi-permanent color that can be removed by washing your hair with a shampoo for few days. Here are few things that can speed up the coloring removing process. By following this process you can get the natural color of your hair back very easily. You can use few simple styling products during this process and there is no need to go to a hairstylist.
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The first option is to use hot oil on the hair for taking the manic panic color out of your hair. Get the hot oil treating products and follow the instruction mentioned over the kit and you can use this process every day till the color comes out of your hair. Another option is to use much darker hair color than the manic panic color. You can do this by using natural products at home or go to a saloon. The final option to take the manic panic color out of the hair is to wash it using an alkaline shampoo. The alkaline shampoo can help to remove the color from hair shafts very easily. But you must use the shampoo on daily basis for few days till the color gets out of your hair. All these options for taking the color out of the hair from your hair can be the best option that can be done by sitting at home.

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