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Blending Top And Side Hair During Haircut


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While cutting the hair it is important to maintain the same length all over the head. After cutting the front part of your hair you must try to blend top hair to the sides. Here are few things that must be taken care while cutting the short hair.
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Begin the cutting process with a wet hair and try to cut the top section first. Cutting the dry hair can be difficult if your hair is short in length. Make sure that the top hair section is in equal size before creating layers in the hair which is important during the blending process. Make sure that the top hair part is of the same length as the side hair that can be done by lifting the hair on top at the back of the head and blend this with your hair that will be cut at the side of your head. Now brush your hair at the back and hold it with your finger to cut it at an angle which will make the hair look longer at the front and layered at the side of the head. Use this technique on the other side of your head and try to maintain the same length at the sides. Next take your hair in the middle of two fingers and take it in front of your crown. Try to keep the fingers straight while securing your hair that must match the both the cuts.

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