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Simple School Hairstyle


simple school hairstyle simple school hairstyle2
Simple school hairstyle can be worn by kids who want to keep their hairstyle simple. There are different hairstyles that can be created while going to school and the following can be achieved very easily without spending too much time. You can use simple hairstyling products and tools to get this look. Try to use hairstyling products such as bobby pins, elastic band, hair gel and a normal comb while styling your hair.
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First comb the hair gently using a normal brush and comb mainly at the hair roots that can add more volume into your hair. Creating this hairstyle with thin hair can be difficult, so you must create volume in it. Next apply hair gel with little amount all over the hair and pull your hair one side of the head. There is no need to take the entire hair perfectly on the side of your head, try to keep it slightly messy. Use a elastic band to secure the hair at the side and the comb it again to create more volume at the end of the hair. Now try to wrap a piece of hair around the elastic band and use bobby pins for keeping it in place. You hairstyle will look a simple ponytail that can be brushed once again for making it look thick. This hairstyle can be created within few minutes if you practice it perfectly and it can be achieved without getting any support.

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