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Using Natural Gel On Your Hair


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Using hair gel that is available in a store can be less affective for the hairstyle you are preparing the hair for. It can also affect the hair sometimes in different ways. There is a way to fix this problem by preparing your own hair gel at home using natural products. By using this hair gel on daily basis the hair can look shiny as well as healthy and it will not cause any damage to the hair.
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First purchase the items that need to be used while preparing the hair gel such as flaxseed that is available naturally. Try using organic seeds if are not able to find the flaxseeds. Now take a pan with a cup of water and add 3 tbsp flaxseed. Then place the pan on the stove with medium heat till it starts to boil and then leave it for fifteen minutes to make it cool. Now your hair gel will be ready which can be filled in a bowl after taking the seed out. Let it become completely cool before storing it inside a container. You can keep the hair gel covered with a lid and apply it over the hair when it is wet for better result or you can also use it on a dry hair. Always take small amount of hair gel in your hand for applying over the hair. This natural hair gel can be kept in a refrigerator for using it over the hair on daily basis.

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