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Reversing Your Hair Relaxing Process


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Hair relaxer is the best way to make your hair look completely straight and in case you want to reverse the hair relaxing process you must do it within two days. If you try to make the relaxed hair to stay in the same way for more than 48 hours the chemicals used during the process will stay in the hair permanently.
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The Keratin protein in your hair features hydrogen bond that can predict your hair texture and the sulfur atoms that bond together help to create the curls in your hair. If you use the hair straightener on the hair it will try to break down these bonds that can make the hair look straight. It can be a very long process to get back the bonds in your hair and it can also be very damaging. Make sure to wash the hair to remove the chemicals immediately that is produced by the hair relaxer. So you must shampoo wash your hair fully as soon as possible and start applying olive oil all over your hair. This oil is known to reorganize protein bonds in the hair and it can easily add more natural texture into your hair. You must try to make your hair grow as long as possible to get back the natural hair. While using the perm on the hair again, try to consult a hair specialist to make sure that the styling process is properly done on the hair.

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