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Formal French Hair Twist


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Formal French hair twisting is a hairstyle that can be worn for any special event. This hairstyle can be created with a long hair. You must backcomb the hair before creating this hairstyle using a normal brush. In case the twisting process looks a little difficult to do at home, get help from a hair specialist. Keep all the necessary items ready such as hair pins, hairspray and more before starting the styling process and sit in front of the mirror during the styling.
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To do this hairstyle, start the styling on a day old washed hair and comb the hair to create a standard ponytail. Take the ponytail on top of the head at the back and try to twist to create a roll. Tuck your roll inside and below and tuck the outer edges in your roll till it gets disappeared. Try to put more pressure during the tucking process which will maintain the twist smooth on the outside and if you find any bumps on the twist try to brush it using a comb. Use hair pins for keeping the twist in place and use hair accessories that can make the hairstyle look good. At last use a spray to mist the entire hairstyle to maintain it in the same way. You can feel it difficult while creating this look at home for the first time, so try to get some practice before using this technique on your hair.

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