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Styling Bridesmaid Updo With Ribbon


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Bridesmaid updo is a beautiful hairstyle that can be created using different styling methods, but this style can be achieved with the help of a ribbon to keep it simple. There is no need for using any special techniques while doing this hairstyle at home, but you must follow these simple steps. The ribbon is normally used by kids to wear it along with different hairstyles, but you can also use it with this updo.
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It is important to know how to create simple updo along with a ponytail before using the ribbon on this hairstyle. First create an updo which must feature low bun with knots. The updo can be created by creating parts in your hair and using it to make a simple ponytail. Next take the ponytail to create a simple bun at the side or back of the head. Then take a small piece of ribbon to make a circle and keep both the ends of your ribbon for securing it together using a bobby pin. Try to attach this ribbon along with the ponytail with the help of a bobby pin. You can also style the bridesmaid updo with other technique such as wrapping the ribbon over the longer strand and place it over the head like a headband. Even though the ribbon is used to style the kids hair, there are few people including many celebrities who like to use ribbon for styling their hair on various occasions.

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