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Straightening Hair Using Rusk thermal str8


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Hair straightening process can take longer time if you try to do it at home, but using a Rusk thermal str8 you can make the hair straight without using any chemicals. There are also other hair straightening tools that can be used which can be a little harsh on your hair, but this tool uses Thermplex formula that can make the hair straight with heat.
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To use the Rusk thermal str8 on your hair, first apply a little amount of retexturing cream that is provided along with the tool all over the hair. Then brush your hair from root to end and leave it for the time mentioned on the product. Then rinse your hair before using a blow dryer for making the hair dry from crown of your head taking one inch hair section. Secure your hair using the clamps and take one section of your hair to keep the Rusk thermal str8 tool near the hair roots. Make sure to keep it just close to the hair roots without touching your scalp. Keep your hair between two plates and try to press the tool. Then slide it down till the hair end and use the same method on the remaining hair sections. Once your complete the hair straightening process, try to use the reconstruction lotion all over your hair. Leave the lotion on for 5 minutes and rinse your hair again. Finally use the hair conditioner that is provided along with the straightening tool.

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