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Small Strand Braid


small strand braid small strand braid2
Small strand braid is a simple hairstyling method that can be done at home. You must have few styling tools and products before starting the process at home. Here are few things that can be done while creating this hairstyle without any help. This hairstyle can accentuate the hair if you leave it down or you can also secure them like a bun to achieve a completely different look.
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First take the hair over your head using rat-tail brush in sections. Then dampen the hair with water and keep hair extensions in between the thumb as well as middle finger. Then take the index finger for taking the natural hair for looping it around in a counterclockwise completely. Now there will be three sections of hair that must be rifted together. Now take first hair part over right, then take second hair part over left and third part over the right. Continue this method and try to keep it tightly near your scalp using your hand.. Once you reach end of your hair create a simple knot at the end to keep the braid in place. Use this simple method all over your head to create small strand braid with the help of hair extensions. Creating this hairstyle can be difficult while doing it for the first time and with some good practice you can do it very quickly. There is no need to use a hairspray as it can stay in place if you create it tightly.

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