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Treating Your Hair Using Lavender Oil


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The lavender oil normally used to make the hair smell good and it can also maintain the scalp healthy. You can also use the same oil for treating the hair at home. Try to mix jojoba oil along with the lavender oil for treating your hair in a perfect way. Most of the hairstylists also recommend this styling process at home. There is no need to be afraid of using this oil for treating your hair as they are perfect to be used on the hair.
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Before starting the styling process take one tbsp lavender oil and two tbsp jojoba oil for a medium length hair. Then mix both these oil together in a pan and place them on a stove with low heat. Once the oil becomes slightly warm, try to take it in your palm. Start applying the oil in your palm over the hair strands to make it completely saturated. Then place the cap over the heat or you can also wrap it with a towel. Make the oil to sit over the hair strands for minimum fifteen minutes. Next wash the hair as usual to get rid of the oil and leave it to dry. You can use this method for treating your hair at least one day during the week till the hair reaches to your desired level. Make sure to use the oil mixture when it is warm and avoid using the oil if looks hot.

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