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Creating Curls With Stubborn And Straight Hair


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Having a stubborn hair can be very difficult to maintain and especially if you are having a straight hair. There are few things that can be used while styling the stubborn hair that is straight into a curly hair. Keep the items such as a comb, hairspray, hair clips and curling iron ready before starting your styling process. The curling method is very simple with any type of hair, but you must follow the technique in a proper way to make the hair stay curly for a long time. Just use these steps for achieving curls in the straight hair.
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First make horizontal sections in your hair and wrap the hair ends in the barrel of a curling iron. Make the hair to stay in the barrel for at least ten seconds to make the hair curly. Then make sure to secure the curl in place without making them fall out of the barrel. By keeping the hair secured in place in the curly form can help o maintain its shape for a long time. This is very important step if your hair looks very much stubborn. After removing the clips from the curled hair try to comb the hair using a brush. Try to mist the comb using a spray before trying to brush it as usual. Avoid combing the hair without using the hairspray over the brush as it can remove the curls very easily making your hair look straight.

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