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Twist Short Hair


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Twisting short hair can be done by going to a hair specialist to get a completely natural look. You can also do the same with thinning shears by cutting your hair. This hairstyle can make yourself look completely different. Make sure to use the thinning shears with a proper technique to avoid any mistakes while trimming the hair. This hairstyle technique can be done using your fingers along with few simple styling techniques.
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Before starting the styling you must try to cut the split ends in your hair to maintain it in proper manner. You can divide your hair into half inch section in front of your head and try to twist it between your thumb and the forefinger. Do this till your hair gets fully twisted and hold end of your hair tightly so it can stay twisted. Next brush the hair using thinning shears over the pinched fingers and continue this till all of your hair gets trimmed only in the half inch twisted section. Use the same method of twisting the hair and trimming it with the thinning shears all over the hair. At last comb your trimmed hair as usual and then style it as per your desire. You can get some practice of using the thinning shears before starting the styling process. Don’t trim the hair too much using the thinning shears as you cannot grow back the cut hair immediately and it can also spoil your entire look.

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