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Vixen Hairstyle


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Vixen hairstyle is a very unique hairstyle that can change the way you look completely. You must follow a particular method for creating this hairstyle to make it look good. In this hairstyle, there will be long luscious locks of hair from top to bottom of your head. This hairstyle can be created just teasing and brushing the hair from top to end. You need to use the curling iron only if it is really needed to make your hair curly or just tease the hair.
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This hairstyle can be easily achieved if you have a naturally curly hair. Those who have a straight hair can also make their hair curly using a curling iron. Use the same method which is used to create a standard curly hair than going for a new styling technique. Then you can make a simple part in the hair on one side of your head and try to tease the hair just below. Make the hair to fall on its own after the teasing process. Continue the teasing process all over the head in sections which will help to create the volume in your hair. Use the same method on the other side of the parted hair and at last add a little amount of pomade all over the hair. Now you can sleek your hair at the back of the ear and brush the hair in the front of your head to make it voluminous.

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