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Figure 6 Curly Hairstyle


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A figure 6 curly hairstyle is a beautiful way to styling your hair. It is important to get more texture in your hair before starting this styling process. In this hairstyle, the curls will look loose than tight which they are normally created at home. You will be using flexi rod for creating this hairstyle, so try to mist the hair with water. Make sure to use only small flexi rods for creating this type of curls.
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To begin try to dampen your entire hair using water by just misting it all over. Then use leave-in conditioner all over the hair and brush it in sections. The hair section that is divided while brushing will be used for creating the curls. Then slightly scrunch the hair sections using your hands and start using flexi rods on individual hair sections. You can keep the flexi rod just below the hair ends and try to bend them under. Now you can roll the flexi rod till the halfway in your hair. Next bend your flexi rod sides slightly up and down in your hair which will avoid the rod from moving out of your hair. Use a hair dryer for making the hair fully dry when the flexi rod is still in your hair. Now you can remove the flexi rods out of your hair to see the beautiful hair curls. Try using hair sheen all over the hair to make it look shiny.

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