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Methods To Make Virgin Hair Straight


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Making a virgin hair straight is not so easy but you can do it by following three different methods with the help of flat iron. Most of the people will go to a hairstylist to make the virgin hair straight or purchase hair weft that looks straight.
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The first step to make virgin hair straight is using flat iron which can be used on the hair that is free of tangles. Comb your hair at the end and move towards the scalp very gently. Then use thermal protectant spray all over the hair and comb your hair once again. Take flat iron with 300 degrees and use it over the hair from top and slowly move to the left and right side of the head. Now you hair will look fully straight which is can style with a hairspray. Another method of straightening hair is known as Brazilian blowout which doesn’t involve any chemicals. The effects of hair damage are very less in this process and it can keep your hair straight for 3 months. Spread a hair serum over your hair before starting the process and dry the hair using a hair dryer. Now use the flat iron with 400 degrees over your hair strands to make it completely straight. The final option for straightening a virgin hair is using sodium hydroxide hair relaxer that can give a permanent solution to keep the hair straight that can be done by following the instructions mentioned on the product.

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