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Selecting Hair Color To Match Skin Tone


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Using the perfect hair color during the coloring process is very important to prevent a bad look. It is important to take the right steps while selecting the hair color that is suitable for your skin tome to make the hairstyle look amazing. Here are few things that can help while selecting the hair color matching your skin tone. Always get help from a hair specialist while applying certain color on your hair and mainly if you are planning to match the color with the skin tone.
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The first thing to notice about your skin tone is looking the complexion and if it looks dark blond which can be level 6. You can easily select the color by just going through the chart in saloon. You can also try to keep swatch up near your head to find out the color of your hair. Another important thing is looking for the target shade which will be normally golden blond for those who have a yellow skin tone. If you have a level 8 color then try to select 8G which will be based on your skin tone if it looks warm. Try to mix 8 color along with 20 volume as it can help to provide two levels more lift to the hair color. You can use the same technique of with level 6 to achieve the level 8 color. Always test the hair color before applying it all over the strands.

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