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Short Wave Curls


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Short wave curls can give a great look if you are creating them with a short hair. There is no need to use special products for styling your hair like this. You just need to use your fingers and hair brush to make your hair look this way. Most of the people want to create a different kind of hairstyle for special occasions and this style can be the perfect choice for them.
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Begin your styling by dividing the hair as sections and use a hair mousse to mist the entire hair strands. Make sure that the mousse enters into the hair from root to end. Then pull out about two inches hair section for styling process. Use straws along with bobby pins for styling your hair in this way. Start twisting your hair clockwise with the straw till you reach the end of your hair. Next try to bend the straw forward and add bobby pins at the bottom of the hair. You must also use bobby pins below the straw and over the scalp to make it stay in place. At last mist the hair with spray only if needed. This simple technique can be used at home without any help. There is no need to spend too much time or money to achieve this hairstyle. Avoid using hair dryer or other heat styling tools for styling the hair in this manner as it can cause damage to the hair.

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