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Hawaiian Curly Hairstyle


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Hawaiian curly hairstyle will normally feature bouncy curls as well as waves in the hair along with lot of volume. You can use Hawaiian curl reconstructor for maintaining the hairstyle in a perfect shape. There is no need to use a hair dryer during the styling process if you are using this product and no need to comb the hair.

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A usual wash the hair and rinse it using slightly warm water. Then use the Hawaiian curl reconstructor all over the hair strand using your fingers only and stay away from the scalp. Leave the hair with the product for 15 minutes and try to rinse the hair once again. Start wrapping about half inch hair section with the rod and use the same method on the remaining hair parts as well as before covering the entire hair with plastic cap for around ten minutes. Now you must rinse your hair again and dry each hair strands using a normal towel. Use Hawaiian silky neutralizing cream all over the hair when it is still in the rod and wait for 15 minutes more before taking the rods out of your hair. At last use a hair moisturizer to keep the hair healthy. You can also use gel activator that is provided along with the product for massaging it into your hair. Try to style the hair with your fingers and avoid using any type of hair brush as it can make the hair straight.

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