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Pre-Shampoo Treatment For Hair


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Getting a pre-shampoo treatment for your hair can help in different ways. You can prevent the hair from getting damaged due to chemicals used in the shampoo and it can also maintain the moisture in your hair. Here are few things that can b done before using the shampoo for washing your hair. Try to use natural oil for treating hair before the shampoo process as it is considered to be a better product.
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Begin your pre-shampoo treatment after applying natural hair oil and conditioner. You can use either coconut oil or hair conditioner and sometimes even both as per your preference. Make sure to mix the oil and hair conditioner in a proper way before using it over the hair. If you are not able to mix both the ingredients in a perfect manner then try to use only coconut hair oil as it can easily enter into your hair shaft. Next you must comb the hair and create various sections in your hair. Then cover the head with plastic cap and leave the oil to stay on your hair overnight. In the morning, try to wash the hair using a warm water and then use the shampoo as usual. You can also dilute the shampoo with water and apply it over the hair with the help of your hands. Byt following this method, you will be able to prevent the damage caused by the shampoo during the hair washing process.

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