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Styling Your Hair With Motions Relaxer


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Motions relaxer can be used very easily and without spending too much of time. This relaxer can make the hair straight just like other styling tools. You can use this tool on any type of hair without going to a saloon. After purchasing the motions relaxer follow the instructions carefully for using it over your hair. Maintain the hair completely dry during the styling process. Here are few things that can be helpful for making the hair straight with the help of this motions hair relaxer.
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First divide your hair as four parts and start using the relaxer near around the hairline. Then use the relaxer over the hair section near your rear crown area on the head. Use the same method on the remaining hair sections. Try to smoothen the hair with the help of rattail comb all over the head. Make sure to follow the directions that are provided along with the motions hair relaxer. After using the relaxer rinse the hair completely using warm water. Then wash the hair with neutralizing shampoo and spread a hair conditioner that is provided with the hair relaxer. Next rinse the hair once again and try to make it dry as usual. It is important to use just neutralizing shampoo for washing the hair after the relaxing process as it can be useful in taking the chemicals out of the hair. Don’t use the motions relaxer on the hair when it still wet.

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