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Using Cocoa Mixture On Gray Hair


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Covering the gray hair can be done with different coloring techniques. But you can also do the same without using any chemical products. One of the product that can be used for coloring the gray naturally is cocoa. Cocoa can be used to rinse your entire gray hair which can give a different look. Try to use ground cocoa powder for this process and avoid using other ingredients that contain cocoa.
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First take cocoa powder along with unsweetened yogurt in a small bowl and add one tbsp of apple cider vinegar along with honey in the bowl. Try to mix all these ingredients together and get inside the bathroom. Start applying shampoo over your hair and rinse it completely. Dry the hair as usual and avoid using a hair conditioner. Now take your hair in sections and apply petroleum jelly around the hairline. Then apply the mixture all over your hair in parts using your fingers. Make sure that each hair strands get the mixture applied in a proper manner. Let the mixture to stay on your hair for just 3 minutes and use a normal water to rinse the entire hair. Now you can check the hair color once it becomes dry and use the same method if the gray still exists. This method can be used on the hair without any help and make sure it gets completely rinsed out of your hair after the styling process to make it look perfect.

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