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Creating Subtle Layers In Your Hair


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Creating subtle layer in the hair is a very easy process. Most of the people normally create layer in their hair only on top of the head, but while creating the subtle layers the hair will be cut at the end in your hair. Anyone can achieve this type of layers in their hair without going to a saloon.
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Begin the layering process after washing the hair with shampoo. Then apply a hair conditioner all over the hair. Let the hair stay a little damp during the styling process. Then make a simple part in the hair starting in front of the head using a normal comb and make sure that you have two separate hair sections on both the sides of the head. Now bend your head one side to make the entire hair hand towards the ground and comb them very gently. Take the scissors for cutting them just at the end of your hair and continue this all around the head. Once you complete the trimming process at the end of your hair, try to comb it as usual and style the hair as per your wish. To create extreme layers in your hair, try to take the entire hair to create a ponytail and starting cutting about one inch hair from the end of your ponytail. Use this method only if you have a long hair and those who have short hair can follow the first cutting technique.

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