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Modern Geisha Hair Bun


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Creating a modern geisha hair bun is so simple that it can be achieved with different types of hair. You must have few styling tools ready before creating this look with your hair. This hairstyle can be worn for any event by people of different ages. In the normal geisha bun, the entire hair will be secured tightly along with a bun on top of the head. But here is a method can be useful to make the standard geisha bun into a very unique hairstyle.
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First wash your hair using the dry shampoo which can be helpful in adding more volume into your hair. Make sure to use the shampoo over the hair roots and massage it gently for better result. Then comb the hair to make a simple ponytail and try to maintain it slightly loose. Now wrap the ponytail around it to create a coil and use bobby pins to keep them in place. Try to use more pins to make the hairstyle look much flatter. Now take the rat tail hair brush to make the bun slightly loose only if required or you can do this with the help of your fingers. Try to spritz the entire hair with a spray to keep it secured in place and it can also make the hairstyle look shiny. This hairstyle can be done at home within few minutes and match it with the perfect outfit, so it can look beautiful.

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