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Taking Care Of Dry Patches In Hairline


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Having dry patches near the hairline can be very much annoying and it can be taken care with some simple styling techniques. The dry patches normally occur while using band shampoos. If you leave shampoo remains on the hair after getting it washed, it can also lead to dry patches. Always use warm water for rinsing your hair and avoid using hot water as it can make your hair get damaged very easily. You will see flaky skin near the hairline if you are facing dry patches problem on the head.
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The best method of treating these dry patches include using herbal shampoo for washing the hair and make sure that it features Shea butter and tea-tree oil as they are known to maintain the hair healthy along with moisturizing benefits. The herbal shampoo can be purchased in any beauty product supply stores and consult a hair specialist before using them. You must also use hair conditioner that can work perfectly after washing the hair with the shampoo. Rinsing your hair after the conditioning process is very important and make sure there are any residue left on the scalp of this process. Get your hair treated with oil once in a week. Use warm water for rinsing the hair and use either almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil for conditioning your hair. Leave the oil to stay on the hair for about half an hour before getting the hair rinsed completely.

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