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Methods To Check Wig Straightness


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Those who want to make their hair straight will follow different methods. But some of them will try to purchase a wig that looks straight to achieve the straight look. But you must make sure that the wig is fully straight before wearing them over your head. By doing this you will be able to make the wig look more natural as well as stylish. The wig can be easily corrected to its original form till it is not completely damaged. Avoid using heat styling tools on the wig as can damage the hair and don’t put too much of pressure on the wig with your hand or hair products as it can cause damage.
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The first option to check the wig for straightness if looking around the tabs of hair near the temple as the wig must look straight over the ears. Try to bed the hair tabs little bit inward which can give the wig a complete straight and natural look. You can also check the hair in your wig in places such as the bangs and hairline which is very important areas over the head. Avoid using any type of adhesive tape and glue for maintaining the shape of your wig in its original form as it can spoil them fully.  Don’t purchase a new wig when it starts to turn curly or wavy as you can use the same technique to make them straight without using any special styling tools.

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