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Rocking Straight Hairstyle


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Having a rocking straight hair can give a wonderful look and it can be achieved by following few simple steps. This hairstyle can be worn by only few people who want to achieve a new look and it can be created with any type of hair. After making your hair straight just following the basic hair straightening process you can simply follow this simple method and don’t put too much pressure on your hair.
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To make the straight hair slightly rocking, you must have few products such as hairspray, clips, hair brush and others. First comb your hair to make it free from tangles and take a section of hair on top of your head. Try to twist the hair and keep it secured using the clip. After sometime take the secured hair from the clip and make it fall in front of your head. Mist this section of hair with the hairspray and brush it towards the back of the head which will be useful in creating more volume into your hair. Try to maintain the hair as smooth as possible during this process and twist the hair once again before tucking it under. Use hair pins for keeping the tucked hair under and try to shape the hair with your hand as well as hairspray. In case you find some hair coming out of your hairstyle, try to comb them again to add texture which can help to maintain it in place.

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